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- Freedom! Work with PhonePilot CRM wherever you are and however you feel.

Work when you're in bed! Work when you are in a tiresome long cue somewhere. Work on the train. Work in your car. Work while you are going for a walk. Work when you are angry. Work when you are happy.
That, ladies and gentlemen, is the key to your personal success.

- Dress anyway you like, hair from a fight!

Nobody knows what you look like through the phone. So we recommend that you dress according to your own likings, something funny, something inspiring, nothing, something, anything. The software is colourful, user friendly and pleasing to the eye as well, designed BY agents FOR agents. Motivated agents always perform better.

- Agents and managers can easily accomodate each others requests.

Agents can request changes in the system, that managers can actually accomodate with ease. User friendly for the agent and still highly adaptable for the manager. This is unprecedented and makes subject processing a breeze. Managers can also customize the user interface to fit different project types.

Mobile phones.

This is the brave new world. In the past, multiple(10+) business calls on a cell phone, saved to your database including contact person, comments and next contact, was tiresome and messy. Not anymore. We have taken full advantage of the modern day smartphones form factors, to give you the ultimate user experience.

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Desktop computers.

This system is very efficient on a Windows desktop compter. It's fantastic for people in marketing who do this all day every day. The reason being, that we use the Zoiper Web plugin for IP telephony and it records calls and enables autodial until someone answers. Not only that, when people call you or return your call, the will instantly be looked up in you dial list, to show you who is calling.

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ALL tablets are supported. With a tablet you actually get the best of both worlds, you can use the smartphone interface when you login as a phoner and the screen is big enought to use the manager part as well. You can use a softphone installed, but also the native dialing can be used.

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Not at all. You can easily start up with a computer and a USB headset.
No, we just recommend, that if you use an old or low end computer, you dont run other programs simultanously, to give you the best experience.
Yes, a few things, like
in Internet Explorer, you have to click the little plus over the call button, to activate the Zoiper plugin.
When you import subjects from a text file or Excel file, you need column headers in line 1 for it to happen.
You can only import 5.000-10.000 subject pr import, depending on their property richness. If you import an Excel file, you need to make sure it really is an excel file and not just a .csv file renamed to .xls, just open it in excel and save it as an excel file, if you run in to that problem. You should always copy projects and users in the system instead of making a new.
Yes we do, have a look at the price page to see the difference in email and phone support.

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