PhonePilot pricelist pr 1/4-2018

Part 1, leasing:

Lease, full access:

The system can be leased on a server administered by PhonePilot, for a number of users on a monthly basis. 


The lease can be terminated with one months notice.


Starting fee(configuration, installations and start up support)

200 USD


Price pr. user pr month at


1-4        users

           60 USD

5-9        users

           50 USD


Total price pr month at


10-14    users

500 USD

15-19    users

700 USD

20-24    users

850 USD

25-35    users

1050 USD

Leasing includes:

Support af superuser(s), guaranteed functionality for the 4 supported browsers. Support includes training of superuser(s) in Phonepilots. A superuser is defined as the person in the company who knows everything about the system and how to use it. The superuser deals with questions from the normal users. At first use, the company will normally have 1 superuser, at continued use 2 superusers are recommended.





Integration af not already supported phone systems.


Price pr hour:

                             150 USD

Specialized development of PhonePilot functionality 130 USD pr. hour

Support without support agreement 80 USD pr. hour.

Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox og Safari.

Part 2, purchasing PhonePilot:


Purchase, user limited:

Phonepilot can be bought with a limited number of user licenses for a company including its sub branches.


Starting price, including 8 users

3.000 USD



Price pr added user

350 USD


Purchase, unlimited amount of users, including alle modules:

Phonepilot can be purchased to run on buyers own server with an unlimited amount of user licenses including all exstramodules. Including support, installation and all updates for 1 year.



Pr agreement

Alle purchases icludes:

Installation on server, training of 1 superuser, 1 year warrenty for the 4 supported browsers.





1 years support of superuser and access to all updates including new modules.       



first year included, following years 500 USD pr year





Integration of not already supported phone systems.


Price pr hour:

                             130 USD


Customer login with statistics and calendar for all of their projects



                             500 USD


Remote backup, makes it possible to see all the data in the system at any given time in the past.



                             700 USD


Specialized development of functionalities in PhonePilot is 130 USD pr hour

PP Support 80 USD pr hour without support agreement


Alle prices are in US Dollars.


Supported browsers: Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Firefox og Safari.